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Episode 1 

What is Hi I exist?

Episode 2 

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5


“Hi I exist” is the first YouTube series that includes NFTs throughout. The series (episodes) will take you through the journey of it took me, to release Hi, I exist NFT project.

322 handcrafted “moments” from the the web series. Each “NFT MOMENT” is unique. Some represent who I am, who I was, and who I want to become, some others my journey, the hope and the loss. 


200 items are for sale now. The remaining items will be released along with each episode. 

Watch to further understand

3 min read

Want to skip? (you shouln´t) read at your pace..


Web 3 is something I have been deeply exploring and slowly falling in love with. The Metav3rse community played a huge role: It helped me to effectively learn blockchain technologies and understand how the NFT game is played. However, it also showed me the amount of trust it can create; I felt included, listened. I understood that a lot of their members were getting united with family-like bonds, through an NFT project, which I could not believe; a desire is to build with others and for others.


Featured Work
early laundry.jpg

Progressively giving birth to.. 

So what else do you get out from "Hi I exist"?

A Youtube video dedicated to holder discussions from your experiences in similar situations, and what you did to overcome them.


 Airdrop opportunities for holders.




Secured WL for the following projects.


Voting power for “we exist” future DAO.


Automatically entered into a raffle to physically get physical copies of the NFTs, and props from the series.



If “Hi, I exist” collection goes as planned and items are sold, see through my videos how you change my life and become part of the building process of “we exist”


The collected money will be utilized to repair, sell and hopefully get a new car, pay rent loans I have from the last months, my DUI fees, save to pay my remaining film school expenses, upgrade my film gear, to deliver more quality for the following projects, fund my next project, and an extra surprise...

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2 min read

Text after heart.


I want you to ask yourself why you pay to go to the movies.. We go to the cinema with the promise to watch a great movie, yes. By all means I believe some big hollywood productions have tremendous value and work behind them, however the difference to Disney or Warner for example is they would never include your opinion or personal experiences in the way the film is made, they are built by design to sell. I would. I want “We exist” to be that future DAO where community driven short and feature films are produced.


The ticket for my way to do cinema would be a ticket that goes beyond just getting to watch the film, but may include your honest contribution to the story. Be part of the final product, earning royalties from distribution, being part of the crew or the cast, and giving you a voice along with others to come to terms with what gets communicated to general audiences and most importantly developing what younger generations will grow watching, among many other things. This is a huge responsibility but I am ready to start. (I will further explain in detail this concept when the time is right.)

Through my mind.jpg
pato bye.jpg

I am sure if you watched the entire video it's because you felt something, curious, empathetic, hyped, doubtful, emotional, excited. This for me means you ARE part of this journey now, through meaningful stories like mine, we must educate, inspire and change the world.

Posting a video soon on how to STEP BY STEP buy an item from "Hi I exist" but here is a useful guide in the meantime!

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Buying your first NFT?